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Institutional accreditation

Institutional accreditation

On February 18, 2019 at head office the center of continuous professional development city of Shymkent is held the training seminar on a subject: “Preparation of the report on a self-assessment of the organization of additional education within institutional accreditation”.

The seminar is held by the Expert of the Independent quality assurance agency in education B.S.Imasheva.

Ms. L.Zholymkekova performed an opening speech at the event.

During passing of this course our experts obtained exhaustive information on standards and criteria of institutional accreditation of additional education of the medical organizations. Accurate, substantial and high-quality training will promote use of the gained knowledge in practical activities.

 Concrete answers to a number of such questions as are received:

– rational application case –study  of technologies;

– evaluating knowledge and skills of students of programs of medical education;

– the analysis of On-line and Off-line of training is carried out;

– the policy in the field of quality assurance and the procedure of a self-assessment and many other things is explained.

  In conclusion of a seminar feedback was carried out, all participants were handed certificates on passing of a course.





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